Monday, April 28, 2014

Made it to Paris

Wow!  What can happen in just a few hours?  They said that traveling internationally you should be at the air port 3 hours before your flight, so, we were.  Our flight was supposed to leave Des Moines at 2:55.  The Delta staff got to us, finally at 5:30 ish, just as a flight was boarding headed to Atlanta.  If we could get there we could snag a flight to Paris from there.  It seems someone was determined we WOULD be in Paris and we were whisked, yes whisked, to a gate in another area of the airport to board a plane headed to France.  We got to Paris about 1PM Paris time instead of the earlier planned 8:30 AM.  Then our transportation was not at the airport.  Tried to get my euros  out of an atm machine, ok time to get with wellsfargo.  Got another cab to hotel.  Rested a bit and went down the street and had amazing.  Lots of motorcycles driving all over.  They are crazy!  Tomor?
Ok we are really tired so more tomorrow



Terrific!!!!!! keep them coming, even short & sweet like this will be so awesome for you when it comes to scrapping!!

Julia McGuire said...

i hope you get a ton of photos to share with us!